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Instrumental music
-- See Also the narrower term Chamber music
Here are entered miscellaneous collections of chamber music for various combinations of two or more solo instruments.Compositions for two specified solo instruments are entered under headings specifying the instruments, e.g. Flute music (Flutes (2)); Oboe and harpsichord music; Violin and viola music, etc., and under names of forms, followed by instrumental specifications, e.g. Sonatas (Violin and piano); Suites (Flute and piano); etc.Compositions for two unspecified instruments, or for one specified and one unspecified instrument are entered under Duets or names of forms followed by instrumental specification, e.g. Duets (Unspecified instruments (2)); Duets (Unspecified instrument and guitar [piano, etc.]); Sonatas (Unspecified instruments (2)).Compositions for three or more solo instruments are entered under appropriate headings for the medium or form, e.g. Trios, Quartets, etc.; Piano trios, etc.; String trios, etc.; Wind trios, etc.; Brass trios, etc.; Woodwind trios, etc.; Instrumental [Piano, String, etc.] ensembles; Suites, Variations, Waltzes, etc.

-- See Also the narrower term Orchestral music

--headings for forms and types of music that include orchestra and headings with medium of performance that include orchestra; also Concertos [Solo instrument(s)] and the headings Overtures, Symphonic poems, and Symphonies
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