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Modernist-fundamentalist controversy
-- See Also the narrower term Creationism
Here are entered works on the doctrine that the universe was created by God out of nothing in the initial seven days of time and that all biological species were created rather than evolving from preexisting types through modifications in successive generations.

-- See Also Fundamentalism
Here are entered works on the modern Protestant movement originating in early 20th century America opposed to religious liberalism, modernism, and evolutionism and stressing the "Fundamentals" of Biblical inerrancy, literal interpretation, the divinity of Christ, his Virgin Birth, the substitutionary Atonement, and his physical Resurrection and Second Coming. Works on Protestant churches of the fundamentalist type and on fundamentalist congregations for which a particular denomination cannot be identified are entered under Fundamentalist churches. Works on religious groups opposed to modernity and secularism and seeking a revival of orthodox or conservative religious beliefs and practices by fostering growth of religious fervor in the populace and by curtailing or eradicating the influence of felt alien values are entered under Religious fundamentalism.

-- See Also Modernism (Christian theology)
Here are entered works on a movement that arose in the late 19th century and that seeks to establish the meaning of the Christian faith in relation to present human experience and to reconcile traditional theological concepts with the requirements of modern knowledge.

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